In our complex world, we assist you and your organisation in saving lives thanks to a better match between humans and technology.

Ever heard of large failures like those of 112, OVH, Amazon ...? With information technologies, disruptions happens, let's thus embrace them from the beginning. That's why our approach is resilience-focused: simplicity, awareness, redundancy and diversity are some of the keys. To this end, we offer both tools and advices.

Poppy Alert will notify your personnel and partners in case of an emergency. Are you a hospital, a dispatching or a municipality, we have a simple but sharp solution for you: just log in and push on a button, and all your members get alerted through redundants media. Just the necessary amount of automation, but no more, as the system is intended to work when the rest has failed, like more complex systems that are integrated in your daily business processes.

ColMa helps you to seamlessly collaborate on a map, from the first minute you have it in your hands. No need for training, and if it fails, just resorts to paper maps as before: it is the same, after all.

Finally, our consulting services help you to evolve towards a more resilient organization in an information technology age.

Rooted in both a research and an operational culture, that learnt us to work with complex and real issues, we will help you with what you specifically need: be it an needs-analysis, a participatory process to become more resilient, an easy-to-use piece of software and related services, advices and training for a better use of information systems in emergency planning and crisis management, or all that at once.

Up to now, we have for instance helped our customers in: analyzing needs for a geographical data infrastructure, assisting for a quite technical public procurement process, creating static and dynamic maps for emergency preparedness and event management, training them to use simple map tools in crisis management, evaluating a disaster-exercise...

Do you feel we can work together? Drop us a line at or call us at +32 485 087 949, and let's discuss about your unique project! credits: (1) starmanseries (2) James Cridland