Quickgrid : 1-click crashmap and get your grid square on your phone

less than 1 minute read

Left: 1-click grid configuration. Right: get your grid square on your phone

In a planned event or during a crisis, the use of a crashmap ensures that everyone can easily & rapidly communicate his or her position. We designed a micro-web app that enables anyone to build a crashmap in litteraly one click, and then to locate himself/herself using a zero-setup web app.

Just launch grid.my-poppy.eu and follows the instructions. Within 30 seconds, your crashmap is ready. Communicate the link you get to the people on the field (by SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram or through a QR code for instance). When they launch it, they will know where they are in grid coordinates. Capture the screen and print it on paper. You are ready!

This works best in Belgium, as it is based on the Lambert 72 coordinates system. The app is free to adapt on Github. Contributions welcome!

Update (déc 2018) Quickgrid now works worldwide and has been improved thanks to users’ feedbacks during the whole summer. It has been used in particular by the Police at the Belgian Grand Prix. It has also been featured in Be-Prepared the Belgian magazine for emergency preparedness & crisis management.